Head Quarters District of Florida

Office Asst Comm. Bu.R.F. & A.L

Tallahassee FLA January 13,1867

2nd Lieut Wm. G. Vance

Sub Asst Comm Bu.R.F. & A.L

Brooksville Florida


            Major Combra has been directed to furnish you with such an escort as you may desire in the discharge of your duties upon application.

            Enclosed you will find a circular from B.R.F. & A.L abolishing the Bureau Courts by which you will be governed.  Your report of Dec. 31st 1866 is received and is very satisfactory.

            The Civil Agents of the Bureau have the right to make contracts for the Freedmen.  It would be well for you to introduce in the contracts a stipulation as follows: in the case of any disagreement of the contracting parties selecting one resposeable citizen who with the addition of the Sub Asst. Commissioner or Special Agent shall constitute a Board for such purpose whose decission shall be final.

Very Respectfully Your Obedient Serv’t

E.G. Unrouff

Brt Maj USA and A.A.A. Guard


** This correspondence speaks about Civil Agents who were members of the community who worked for the Bureau.  The Civil Agents did not have the same nor as many responsibilities as the Sub Asst Agents, such as Agent Vance, who oversaw an entire districts usually comprised of several counties.  Hernando and Present day Pasco Counties were in the “Sixth Mil. Sub District consisting of Hillsborough, Sumpter, Polk, Manatee, and Monroe Counties.  Perry G. Wall worked as a Civil Agent for the Freedmen’s Bureau; he worked out of the Brooksville office where he lived.