Synopsis of School Report for
the Month of October 1867
State Of Florida

Location No. of Teachers No. of Pupils Supported By
Tallahassee 3 173 Freedmen
Bloxham's Plantation1 1 30  
Centerville 1 40  
Belle Air 1 45  
Monticello 2 85  
Madison 1 50  
Brooksville 1 45  
Tampa 1 50  
Key West 2 75  
New Smyrna 1 40  
Palatka 1 60 N.Y. Br. F.U. Comm
St. Augustine 4 125 2 of  N.Y. Br. F.U. Comm
2 of Catholic Church
Magnolia 2 70 1 by Bureau
1 by Am. US. Assn.
Jacksonville 4 250 N.Y. Br. F.U. Comm.
Jacksonville 1 35 Freedmen
Fernandina 2 95 N.Y. Br. F.U. Comm.
Fernandina 1 60 Episc. Ch. F. Comm.
Lake City 2 80 Episc. Ch. F. Comm.
Midway 1 70 Am. F.U. Comm
Concord 1 50 Freedmen
St. Johns 1 38 Freedmen
Apalachicola 2 97 Freedmen
Amt's 36 1643  

** This synopsis of Schools covered the entire State of Florida for the month of October 1867.  You can see that even if the Freedmen’s Bureau did not own a school they were still monitoring the school’s progress.  Many of the schools throughout Florida were independent schools that were organized and operated by outside organization such as the New York Bureau of Freedmen Comm. which can be seen listed as helping several schools throughout our state.  Just like in Brooksville, the Freedmen supported some schools while others were operated and supported by the local churches or the Freedmen’s Bureau.  Regardless of who operated the schools in Florida it was the responsibility of the Freedmen’s Bureau to monitor progress of both the pupils’ attendance and the school itself.

1The name Bloxham is mispelled in the handwritten report, but the exact spelling intended by the writer is difficult to determine.