Office Assistant Commissioner

Bureau Refugees Freedmen & Abandoned Lands

Tallahassee FLA††† Dec 5th 1865


Judge P.G.

Hernando Co



††††††††††† Permit me to introduce to you Capt. Thompson and Gleason who are traveling in the interest of this Bureau in the southern portion of the State.You will perceive by the Circular No. 9 that I have finally turned over the management of the office of the Freedmen to the Probate Judges.Under the circumstances this was the best I could do.I consulted with General Foster & Gov. Mann in reference to it and as the troops were being rapidly withdrawn, I could see no better way to accomplish our main object.

††††††††††† Accept my thanks for your kindness in assisting us and an expression of my gratification in finding you so firmly interested in the cause of the freedmen and of the country.


Very truly your

T W Osborn

Asst Com B.R.F&A.L


**This letter was sent to Judge Perry G. Wall, probate judge of Hernando County, thanking him for his support through being an agent with the Bureau.Circular No. 9 appointed the Probate Judges of each county as Freedmenís Bureau Agent, when Judge Wall couldnít take the oath to become official agent for the Bureau is when it appears as though the responsibility of Hernando County fell on the Tampa Freedmenís Office and Lt. Agent Vance.